Bring out the Fur.

During the cold winter days we all want to keep warm and look great at the same time, but sometimes that’s hard to do. While in NYC I saw all the New Yorkers bundled up in fur to keep warm on those chilly days. It was so cute and very trendy at the same time! I was just obsessed and I had to get some for myself, but sadly I’m living off of a lifeguards salary so I was unable to come home with any. Once I got home I looked through all my winter attire and found some great fur pieces! I found black fur earmuffs, a fur scarf, and a fur vest!
Here are some of my favorite fur pieces this winter:

What is your favorite fur piece this season?

Love, Juli



Yes, you’ve heard right, the Fashion Flirt is back for good! After taking some time off, okay more like lot of time, I’m ready to start keeping up with my blog again! Starting tomorrow every Monday and Thursday I’ll be posting your favorite blog posts from seasonal trends to my favorite looks right now. I’m currently re-vamping the site so tomorrow will be the start a whole new chapter of the Fashion Flirt. I hope everyone is as excited as I am!! 

I’ll see you all back here tomorrow for my blog post about my October favorites! 

Love, Juli 🙂 

Spring Jackets

Spring is finally here! With warmer weather just around the corner, we can switch our winter coats for jean jackets. The most important things to remember when shopping for your new spring jacket is comfort, use, and look. Whether you prefer a trench coat or a army jacket this spring, here is a list of all the trendy jackets for any occasion!

Shopping tip:
Everything you buy should be comfortable, because if it’s not you will not want to wear it! Next the use of it- make sure the next thing you buy you will wear. I’ve bought so many shirts that I end up never wearing, so if you want to buy a new jacket make sure you will use it and get your moneys worth out of it. Last but not least, the look- you must decide whether you want a universal jacket that you can wear everyday or a special occasion jacket that is very trendy. Before going to the store decide what you need and how much you are willing to spend on it, this will help you to not spend money on something you don’t even need.

Jean Jackets-
Jean jackets are very universal. You can pair it with your outfit instead of a sweater or even put it on over a dress to make it a casual look. I love how there are so many different jean jackets looks. Some are simple and vary from light or dark wash, some are studded, some have leather accents, and some even have patterns. It’s really easy for you to find the perfect jean jacket this year and with all the different styles you can pair it with any outfit!

Trench Coats-
This is a perfect coat for spring. If it’s raining, a trench is perfect. If your going to dinner, a trench is a great choice because you can dress it up. Or maybe your just going shopping with your girlfriends, a trench coat will look amazing. This spring, you should be bold and go with a bright color, or do something fun like spikes!

Utility Jacket/ Army Jacket-
These jackets are a fun way to be edgy. Normally there in simple colors, but they can be super fun to work with. Pair them with black jeans and combat boots or wear it over a simple white shirt and jeans.