Spring Jackets

Spring is finally here! With warmer weather just around the corner, we can switch our winter coats for jean jackets. The most important things to remember when shopping for your new spring jacket is comfort, use, and look. Whether you prefer a trench coat or a army jacket this spring, here is a list of all the trendy jackets for any occasion!

Shopping tip:
Everything you buy should be comfortable, because if it’s not you will not want to wear it! Next the use of it- make sure the next thing you buy you will wear. I’ve bought so many shirts that I end up never wearing, so if you want to buy a new jacket make sure you will use it and get your moneys worth out of it. Last but not least, the look- you must decide whether you want a universal jacket that you can wear everyday or a special occasion jacket that is very trendy. Before going to the store decide what you need and how much you are willing to spend on it, this will help you to not spend money on something you don’t even need.

Jean Jackets-
Jean jackets are very universal. You can pair it with your outfit instead of a sweater or even put it on over a dress to make it a casual look. I love how there are so many different jean jackets looks. Some are simple and vary from light or dark wash, some are studded, some have leather accents, and some even have patterns. It’s really easy for you to find the perfect jean jacket this year and with all the different styles you can pair it with any outfit!

Trench Coats-
This is a perfect coat for spring. If it’s raining, a trench is perfect. If your going to dinner, a trench is a great choice because you can dress it up. Or maybe your just going shopping with your girlfriends, a trench coat will look amazing. This spring, you should be bold and go with a bright color, or do something fun like spikes!

Utility Jacket/ Army Jacket-
These jackets are a fun way to be edgy. Normally there in simple colors, but they can be super fun to work with. Pair them with black jeans and combat boots or wear it over a simple white shirt and jeans.


Emerald: The color of Spring 2013

When someone talks about the color emerald, I immediately think of the Wizard of Oz and the Emerald City. Well now, that city is coming to life! Emerald is the new color of the season and it’s in full swing.

I walked into Sephora over the weekend and was overwhelmed with the amount of emerald makeup on display. From eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, even emerald colored hairspray, they have anything you could possibly want.

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Eye shadow-
emerald eyeshadow
Nars has a great nude and emerald eye shadow pallet. It is simple but would look amazing if done right. It might be hard for you to ever think of using emerald eye shadow so I found a step by step guide on Sephora’s Pinterest. Give it a try and let me know what you think! 🙂
All of these beauty products are available at Sephora.

Here are a collection of photos from Pinterest to give you some inspiration for the next time you shop for an emerald look!


Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to put on your pretty red dress and go to dinner! But no matter what your doing this Valentine’s Day you must have a great outfit and accessories! Here are some of my favorite red looks for this day of love!

I love how this dress has long sleeves so you don’t need to pair it with a sweater. Its fun, flirty, and would look great with a pair of red flats! (Nordstrom)

These pants are perfect for your day at school! they would look great with boots and a sweater! (Tobi)

I love the ombre trend and what better way of trying it out then this dress! This dress would look great with a good pair of heels and a statement bracelet! (Nordstrom)

This simple dress is perfect for a casual date or just school! It would look great with a simple necklace and nude flats! (Tobi)

This belt is super cute and would look amazing with a little black dress! (Nordstrom)

These heels are perfect for Valentine’s Day! They are super cute and very girly. Pair them with a black dress or skirt! (Nordstrom)

And last but not least get a great bag to go with your whole outfit! This would look spectacular with a black dress and red heels! (Nordstrom)

Have a great Valentine’s Day!

Spring Shoe Frenzy

All the magazines and shoe stores are displaying new shoe trends for spring! Last weekend I went through multiple stores and found my favorite shoes for this spring. Maybe you’re looking for a pair of heels, a nice bold colored flat, or even a new pair of sandals, I have a great list of shoes for the upcoming season for you to look at!



These two shoes are soo cute! I love the lucite heels on them both! My favorite of the two is the Kate Spade nude shoe with the tri colored heel. These shoes are just screaming spring!

The first pair– This pair of sandals is by Kate Spade and is a simple feminine pair of sandals that would match so many outfits in your closet!
The second pair– This pair of Tory Burch sandals is to die for! I love how the pink flowers stands out so much on this red sandal. The colors are perfect for the upcoming season and could be easily dressed up or down depending on your outfit.
The third pair– I love these ZIGIgirl sandals! The gold on top of the nude looks fabulous for any occasion!

These flats are such a cute idea for spring/summer! They are casual, easy to put on, and a great basic for everyone to own!


Rain boots are a must for spring! With all the rain that spring brings us it’s important to keep your feet dry. Plus these pattered boots are super fun!

I love these metallic silver oxfords! They are super cute and perfect for any day out shopping!

Alright, now you’re all set to start shopping for a new pair of shoes!

Handbag Heaven

As Christmas is quickly approaching and that means everyone will soon be bundling up in coats, hats, and mittens. A perfect thing to pair with your coat is an amazing handbag! What better way to express yourself through an spectacular bag! Most bags this season are: oversize leather bags and cross-body bags with a chain strap.
Navy is one of my favorite colors of the season and it doesn’t just stop at clothes! Look at these amazing navy bags:

I love the idea of an oversize bag this winter. I always have so much to carry in my purse especially in the winter with extra hats and gloves! If your looking for a new bag here are some great options!

Next, there’s the super cute cross-body bags with chain straps. I love this trend because it’s still a simple bag, just with more personality.

I hope everyone can get a great handbag this season! Merry Christmas!

Crazy Tights

Now that were in November it’s a must to wear tights. And there are so many options on what kind of tights to wear. Crazy tights are so in this season and look fabulous with many outfits! I own many colored, patterned, and crazy tights! Take your pick and pair the tights with a dress or skirt. Its a perfect way to keep warm and look amazing!

Here are some outfits to show you how to pair the perfect pair of tights with your outfit!

My suggestion when wearing colored tights is to match it with the colors in your dress or to wear a neutral dress. Its a lot better when the tights and dress do not have to compete against each other. When wearing patterned tights, pair them with a solid dress rather then a patterned one.



This Saturday was homecoming! And as people know that is full of fun dress fashions! Homecoming is always fun from getting ready, to dinner, and dancing. This year was no exception!
Trends I saw for this homecoming season was:
1. Sparkles
This was the biggest trend I saw this year! Girls were decked out in complete sparkles and looked fabulous.

Here my sister and her friend are supporting the sparkle trend! My sister is wearing a black sparkle body con dress, and her friend is wearing a white sparkle dress too!

2. Body con dress
This trend was very popular. Many girls wore tight body hugging dresses. My one tip on this trend is to buy a size bigger. If your going for a tight dress just buy the size up for a smoother look!

Here my friend is wearing a cute tight black dress!

3. One shoulder
I’m not always the biggest fan of one shoulder dresses but I saw many cute ones at the dance!

Here my friend is wearing a super cute white one shoulder dress! I love it!

Happy homecoming everyone!


CMH Fashion Week!

Yesterday I had a wonderful opportunity to go to the CMH Fashion Week Finale Runway Show! And yes, Columbus does have a fashion week! Actually, Columbus is the 3 in the nation for fashion designers! Don’t believe me? Here: http://m.theatlanticcities.com/jobs-and-economy/2012/09/worlds-leading-cities-fashion/3182/ . This show features 10 local designers and local models. The show was at the brand new Hilton downtown and it looked amazing!

Cocktail hour was full of fun fashionable people excited to see the runway show. I talked to many people about my blog and promoted it! On the sides of the room they had changing models that featured other designers. These models looked so good with different coats full of fur! My favorite was the ombre fur vest!

After cocktail hour we sat down at our seats and on them was a swag bag full of different small gifts from their sponsors!

Even though all the designers were quite good here are my top three:
1. Eugene Frimpong of St. Frimpong
His line was a very elegant line. He was the last designer of the night and finished the show with a bang! His clothes were tailored exquisitely and looked fabulous!
2. Erica Dawn Woodmore
I think Erica’s line would be very popular with younger women. It featured the trends of crop tops and turbans for your hair. This line was very good and I would recommend it very much!
3. Genoveva Christoff of Genoveva Designs
This designer used great fabric. Some were very sophisticated with a metallic luster. This show was fun and exciting to watch!
I saw many trends during this whole runway show. One would be the crop top. Just like in New York Fashion Week, this trend was prominent in many different collections throughout the show. Another trend was the high-low hem line. So many designers featured this trend with skirts, dresses, and even shirts. The last trend I saw was mixing leather with other fabric. I personally love this trend and I was so excited to see it in this show! One of my favorites was when a designer put strips of leather in leggings. I would totally wear them!

For the show I wore a pink dress with red trim around the neckline and waste. I paired it with a navy blue blazer and nude peep-toe heals. My mother looked absolutely fabulous last night! She wore a black dress with a leather waste insert. Over she wore a black and white tweed blazer which had black suede accents. Her black snake skin bag was the perfect touch!

Overall we had a wonderful night and I can’t wait till next year! http://www.cmhfashionweek.com/

1 month on my blog!

I can’t believe I have been blogging for a whole month now (started blogging on Sept.16)! I am so excited to continue to blog as often as I can to inform you of all things fashion.
Why I started this blog: I started this blog because I love fashion!
-I wanted to inform people of new trends while having fun at the same time
-I wanted to show people different styles and ways to wear trends
-I wanted to showcase my personal fashion with the trends of the season
Overall I wanted to start a blog all about fashion so my readers would fall in love with fashion just like I did!
Vision for my blog: My blog has been such a success so far but there is always ways to improve! If you have any suggestions for me please comment below. I would help me so much! Don’t forget to email me YOUR fashion photos at (thefashionflirt@gmail.com). Also recommend this blog to your friends and family!

Thank you to ALL of my followers and viewers for helping my blog become so great! Thanks everyone you guys are the
best 🙂
P.S look out for fashion posts about CMH fashion week and homecoming over the weekend!!

Fall into Fall

This weekend was a perfect fall weekend with the the crisp weather and the changing colors of the trees. I had an amazing weekend with my friends and family! And I hope you did too!

To celebrate the amazing colors of the fall leaves my friends (Samantha and Katie) and I had a small photo shoot. We all wore blue shirts, jeans, and brown boots. We had such a fun time together and the pictures turned out really cute!

I wore brown leather riding boots, Katie wore a three tier fringe boots, and Samantha wore dark brown leather combat boots.

I hope you are all having a wonderful fall!