October Faves

As October comes to a close I wanted to share my favorite things this month. I compiled a list of my top five favorites fashion and beauty trends.

1. Crazy Tights
When picking out your outfit this weekend instead of wearing the normal sheer tights try something more daring! Pick out out a pair of colored or pattered tights. The tights add a big statement, and can take your outfit from cute to fabulous!

2. Leather Jackets
This is one of my personal favorite things the wear. I love putting on my leather jacket over a dress or even with jeans because it goes with everything! I also love how it makes my outfit a bit more edgy!

3. Lip Color
This fall it looks extremely cute and trendy to wear a colored lip. Whether you go for a pink, bright red, or a soft purple there is only one rule: be confident and show everyone how you can rock it!

4. Decorated hands
Wear lots and lots of rings this fall! I love wearing a couple rings on each hand with stacked bracelets. Its dresses up outfits and always makes a statement, perfect for a night out!

Green tea
5. Green Tea
The only way I get through these cold day is by drinking lots and lots of green tea! Its delicious and good for you too!
(Hint: the mug is a preview of a blog post coming to you guys soon!)

I hope everyone has a very happy Halloween!

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