CMH Fashion Week!

Yesterday I had a wonderful opportunity to go to the CMH Fashion Week Finale Runway Show! And yes, Columbus does have a fashion week! Actually, Columbus is the 3 in the nation for fashion designers! Don’t believe me? Here: . This show features 10 local designers and local models. The show was at the brand new Hilton downtown and it looked amazing!

Cocktail hour was full of fun fashionable people excited to see the runway show. I talked to many people about my blog and promoted it! On the sides of the room they had changing models that featured other designers. These models looked so good with different coats full of fur! My favorite was the ombre fur vest!

After cocktail hour we sat down at our seats and on them was a swag bag full of different small gifts from their sponsors!

Even though all the designers were quite good here are my top three:
1. Eugene Frimpong of St. Frimpong
His line was a very elegant line. He was the last designer of the night and finished the show with a bang! His clothes were tailored exquisitely and looked fabulous!
2. Erica Dawn Woodmore
I think Erica’s line would be very popular with younger women. It featured the trends of crop tops and turbans for your hair. This line was very good and I would recommend it very much!
3. Genoveva Christoff of Genoveva Designs
This designer used great fabric. Some were very sophisticated with a metallic luster. This show was fun and exciting to watch!
I saw many trends during this whole runway show. One would be the crop top. Just like in New York Fashion Week, this trend was prominent in many different collections throughout the show. Another trend was the high-low hem line. So many designers featured this trend with skirts, dresses, and even shirts. The last trend I saw was mixing leather with other fabric. I personally love this trend and I was so excited to see it in this show! One of my favorites was when a designer put strips of leather in leggings. I would totally wear them!

For the show I wore a pink dress with red trim around the neckline and waste. I paired it with a navy blue blazer and nude peep-toe heals. My mother looked absolutely fabulous last night! She wore a black dress with a leather waste insert. Over she wore a black and white tweed blazer which had black suede accents. Her black snake skin bag was the perfect touch!

Overall we had a wonderful night and I can’t wait till next year!


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