1 month on my blog!

I can’t believe I have been blogging for a whole month now (started blogging on Sept.16)! I am so excited to continue to blog as often as I can to inform you of all things fashion.
Why I started this blog: I started this blog because I love fashion!
-I wanted to inform people of new trends while having fun at the same time
-I wanted to show people different styles and ways to wear trends
-I wanted to showcase my personal fashion with the trends of the season
Overall I wanted to start a blog all about fashion so my readers would fall in love with fashion just like I did!
Vision for my blog: My blog has been such a success so far but there is always ways to improve! If you have any suggestions for me please comment below. I would help me so much! Don’t forget to email me YOUR fashion photos at (thefashionflirt@gmail.com). Also recommend this blog to your friends and family!

Thank you to ALL of my followers and viewers for helping my blog become so great! Thanks everyone you guys are the
best 🙂
P.S look out for fashion posts about CMH fashion week and homecoming over the weekend!!


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