A Scarf for Fall!

Its almost October and that means the weather is getting very crisp and colder outside! It’s time for scarf season! Scarves are the perfect fall and winter accessory! Not only do they keep you warm, but they can even add an extra pop to your outfit. There are a billion types of fabrics, patterns, lengths, and type of scarves; and there are endless ways to tie them! Here are looks that I am loving this fall with scarves:

I love bright “pop” scarves, patterned, flora, and lace scarves. Here are some of my favorites that you can purchase:
(Free People)
Circle scarves, or infinity scarves, are extremely popular. You can just throw it on and not have to worry about how to tie it in a cute way. But if you are wearing a normal scarf and need to tie it then try my favorite website that I use! This website has videos that show you step by step direction on how to tie just about any scarf. Its very helpful to use and gives me good ideas to use for my next outfit! http://www.scarves.net/how-to-tie-a-scarf/

Try out some scarves since its almost October and enjoy the weather! 🙂


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