Nail Polish Galore!

When I think of fall I think of three major things: fall weather, fall fashion, and Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte of course! While not everyday do we have our pumpkin spice latte in hand, we do always have our beautiful nail polish! Lets be honest, people see our nails ALL the time! That’s why I strive to have my nails in perfect shape with a new color on every week. Now that doesn’t always happen… but I try to!

This week my nails are emerald green, a perfect color for fall! It’s not to dark or to light, and it’s such a beautiful color!

Colors I think are great for fall: turquoise, navy blue, jewel tones, silver sparkles, dark purple, a deep red, and black with gold!For fall I like to choose darker hues but nothing black. Personally I never where black nail polish, but if you do I would save that for when it really gets cold. Sparkles always look nice, but make sure it doesn’t look to much like a summer nail. Also I can not stress enough NO NEON! If I had one rule for nail polish it would be no neon. If and only if you wear it in the summer it can look good, but besides that ditch the neon nails!

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