What Every Girl Should Own – Fall Edition

What Every Girl Should Own – Fall Edition
If your planning to buy your fall wardrobe and need help on the newest trends look no future! This post shows 3 trends that are perfect for fall! I personally want them all 🙂

Trend #1: 
Color Blocking

I absolutely love this dress! The dress makes a bold statement with such a huge contrast between the black and white. This very classy and chic dress can be casual enough for a day of shopping or dressy enough for work. Also the lines on this dress makes every woman look thin and covers any unwanted flaws!

This is another very chic black and white combo. This blouse is a perfect staple that can be worn with a colored denim or a black pant/skirt for work! Add a chunky collar necklace or a large cuff bracelet for an accessory.

This cardigan is perfect for fall! A simple cardigan like this makes you look very fashionable with an effortless ease. Put this sweater with a solid shirt and a crazy pattern denim or switch it the other way around!

Trend #2:
Crazy Collar

This is one of my favorite shirts! I love the color of the shirt and the amazing collar! The sequenced collar adds a fun, playful element to the shirt. Its simple enough to wear whatever you want with it but it still adds a pop to the shirt.

I fell in love with these sheer tank tops over the summer and I love that they continue into the fall trends! This one is super cute because of the beaded collar. The beaded collar makes the blowsy top from great to amazing! I have to get this top!!

This collar isn’t beaded or sparkly but yet a simple change. This floral fabric and simple collar change makes this shirt a very feminine piece for your closet! Plus I love this is a great floral for fall!

Trend #2:
Patterned Denim

I really love these jeans because of the metallic luster! With these jeans you can dress them up or down for the perfect look from day to night. They are just perfect for fall!

These jeans are super cute a girly. They look perfect with a long shirt or and over sized sweater! Just take your pick!

I really love these pants! I love that they look like normal blue jeans but also have the floral pattern to them! These pants would match almost every outfit that you already wear with your normal jeans. They are also perfect if you are not sure you could rock other crazy denim jeans. Overall they are really great!

All these outfits are perfect for fall! They are the newest trends that you see in latest magazines! I hope you try all of them out!



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