School Shoe Heaven!

School is back in session and also are all those crazy school shoes! I go to a school where we wear uniforms and all brown dress shoes. Our shoes are the only way we can express ourselves, well kinda. Today I went around and took pictures of many people’s shoes at my school to see whats popular. Of course the normal Sperry’s are in, like last year, but there are still other trends too!
My school shoes are caramel suede with a turquoise foam sole. I absolutely love my school shoes! I love both the oxford trend and the colored sole trend. So my school shoes are perfect for me! Here are some pictures of them:

There are other trends in school shoes that I really like too! I like Dr. Martens, oxfords (especially that are spiked), colored soles, loafers, and Sperry’s. My favorites so far are:

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At an all girls school, everyone likes their shoes to be different. While the shoes might have a similar look most people are looking for the cutest, newest, and hottest trend for school shoes. There are many pictures I took of my friends shoes at school but here are just a couple:

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I hope this helps you when choosing your school shoes if you haven’t done so already!


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