Hello world!

Hello everyone!
I hope everyone is enjoying the news about NYC Fashion Week! I know it’s making me really jealous that I can’t be there right now! I’ve always dreamed about attending all the high fashion shows in New York and hopefully some day I will. But thankfully the internet makes it possible to still know whats hot and whats not.
I know spring trends are hard to think about right now because it isn’t even fall yet. But some of the most reoccurring trends I see for Spring 2013: pastel colors, varying hemline, and cropped shirts.

Pastel Colors: After a long winter season of black and white, Spring 2013 will be full of light pastel colors. Light pink, blue, and green seem to be showing up a lot in fashion week so far. This trend is very feminine and very pretty, opposite of whats trending in the fall right now. (edgy, strong, and leather)

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Varying Hemline: We saw this trend starting last year for high school dances. Many people were trying the high-low approche for Prom. This trend can look REALLY GOOD or REALLY BAD. Be careful that the hem doesn’t just look uneven and cheap. Varying hemline is hard to do, however when done right it really stands out and looks wonderful!

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Cropped Shirts: This trend seems to be VERY popular for Spring 2013! We see this showing up in many different fashion shows so far. Make sure when wearing this trend to wear a more conservative bottom. Also, make sure the outfit is in good taste! I personally like to pair a cropped shirt with high wasted short.

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Love, Juli


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